Monday, July 22, 2013

Outside The Parks: Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Pavilion. Experience: Sight.

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    Finally, this is the beginning of most interesting portion of this project as I am now adding more content, sharing in more details about specific locations and sharing about the experiences that can be tied with them.
Franck's Studio.

    Today, I chose to share about a lovely point of interest to visit, located outside Walt Disney World Resort's theme parks. This is a quick twenty-minute visit and it offers great picture spots.

    But before I continue about this specific point of interest, I must say that each and every time I have made plans to go to the land of dreams, I have carefully planned my schedule months ahead. It is very important to manage your vacation, and pick days that will be spent outside the theme parks, to relax a bit. With six theme parks available, multiple days in a row becomes very tiring for the Guests, especially if they bring childrens. It is also why I rarely go for a one week trip. (Six theme parks, seven days in a week, you do the math!)

Franck's Studio collection.
    With that being said, should you choose to spend time outside the theme parks, Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Pavilion just outside Disney's Grand Floridian Resort is a great spot to take pictures. And even better, it is absolutely free, is quiet and almost never crowded!

    This location can be easily missed by unaware Guests as they travel on the resort Monorail between Disney's Polynesian Resort and the Grand Floridian Resort. There are two main buildings, Franck's Studio beauty salon and the Wedding Pavilion itself.

    If Guests are lucky enough, those two buildings will be open and available for them to visit. Timing is essential as Guests will not be able to visit inside if a wedding is underway. I was lucky enough to get inside the chapel a couple of times already and I liked every minute of it. I have personally taken at least 20 high quality pictures from this location.

    Inside Franck's Studio, a collection of wedding dresses, wedding cakes and romantic fine art is delicately presented. Waiting rooms are also available for Guests and family members attenting to a ceremony. The balance between the smooth colors, the whites and the translucent pieces of decor pushes the Guests a bit more into the dream.

Wedding Pavilion.
    Then just across the white bridge, the Wedding Pavilion itself only a couple of steps away from the edge of the Seven Seas lagoon. The quiet and romantic yard includes a small boat dock at it's side and a pathway towards a picture spot giving a wonderful picture opportunity with Magic Kingdom's Cinderella castle in the background. A memorable picture for the Bride and the Groom.

    Just in front of the chapel entrance, the Bride's Vestibule, where the bride is waiting just minutes before her entrance in the chapel before the ceremony, is composed of the rose room and the orchid room.

    Inside the Victorian style wedding pavilion, the color of the wooden benches, the flowers, the candlesticks and the altar combined with the light coming from the outside offers the Guests another great picture opportunity. There are also a couple of chic Victorian waiting rooms inside that are worth a look.
Final preparations before a ceremony.

    I wish to conclude with my general appreciation of Disney's Fairy Tale Wedding Pavilion. I think that this location is ideal for second-time Guests who wishes to see something different away from the crowds or for well prepared Guests who will want to maximize their vacation time with this great time filler. This is in no way a main attraction, but an interesting addition to any picture lover or a lovely way to spend an hour before lunch.

    Your comments and/or experiences about this location are welcome!

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